Between Patch Versions

Versions with the same major and minor (first and second digit group) and that only differ in the patch version (third digit group) are always compatible, both in terms of configuration and database format. It is always possible to upgrade and downgrade between such versions, for example from 1.0.1 to 1.0.2 and back.

From 1.0 to 1.1

Arigi version 1.1 introduces backwards incompatible multi user support, and removes support for PostgreSQL databases. The upgrade considerations differ based on your current database usage.

With In Memory Database

No specific action is required to upgrade when using the in memory database (--use-ram-db). It is recommended to take a backup of the existing database before upgrading, in case a rollback or downgrade is required.

The --use-ram-db option is allowed but ignored as the in memory database is now the only choice.

With PostgreSQL

Arigi version 1.1 uses only the in memory database. When upgrading it is necessary to migrate existing data via a backup:

  1. Shut down the existing Arigi 1.0 server.

  2. Create a backup of the existing PostgreSQL database using your existing Arigi 1.0.1 or higher 1.0 version:

    $ arigisrv --backup-to=database.bk --postgres-...

    When running with the --backup-to option, and your usual PostgreSQL configuration options, Arigi will start up, create the named backup file, and then exit.

  3. Restore this backup using the new Arigi 1.1 version:

    $ arigisrv --restore-from=database.bk ...

    When running with the --restore-from and your usual configuration options, excepting any PostgreSQL options, the database will be initialized and restored from the given backup file. Arigi will then exit.

  4. Run arigisrv in your usual manner, having removed any PostgreSQL options from the command line or environment.